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The Farmer's School Mission

Contribute to subsistence agriculture being economically viable and make small and medium producers more capable and large producers updated for sustainable development in Mozambique.

The Social Responsibility action that promotes the adhesion of Mozambican entities by an agrarian country, by training, by sustainability, by assuming its natural vocation as a means of economic and social development.

In Mozambique, agriculture consists of subsistence farms of less than 5 ha; representing 99% of agricultural units and occupies over 95% of the country's cultivated area. It employs 90% of the country's female labor force and 70% of the male labor force. This means that 80% of the country's active population is employed in the agrarian sector. Source: Ministry of Agriculture.

With weak infrastructure, low production levels, use of traditional methods, low yield and lack of inputs, technical assistance, and market access, the sector, which is of strategic importance, is in need of transformation, modernization, providing social inclusion, competitiveness and development.

The TECAP Group Farmer's House and Panavideo MZ, understanding the reality and means they believe are effective in contributing to this transformation, have teamed up to create and implement a Training Program accessible to all Mozambicans throughout the world. national territory, through Training Events and a multimedia platform with TV Program, Radio, Digital, Magazines that offers content for the transmission of knowledge and the means for access to inputs and market entry.

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